Jon JuaristiA
Jewish poet and novelist, Jon Juaristi
, has published a very strong defence
of Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church, who  — he says — are the only ones who have taken the crisis
seriously. In the ABC newspaper on April 4, he wrote:

In case I haven’t said it enough. I am not
Catholic, but even I am not blind to the immense moral stature of the current
Pontiff in comparison to his present-day swarm of detractors, who are a bunch
of harassers.

You don’t have to be a Catholic to see clearly where this media assault
on the Church is leading. And even though I admit that being a Jew helps one to
feel this, I believe that it is enough to understand that self-righteousness always
means a corruption of a true sense of justice.

This has been eclipsed since Benedict XVI made public his letter to the
Catholics of Ireland. From that moment, the target of the attacks was no longer
the paedophile priests and the cover-up bishops, but the Pope himself. Self-righteous
progressives have mobilised against him, interpreting the letter as a sign of
weakness, when it has clearly been a demonstration of moral strength which demonstrates
the notorious inability of progressives to carry out a similar critique of
their own iniquities.

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia.