A national think tank at UCLA Law reports that half of 17-year-old children raised by lesbians were teased and stigmatized.  And so were kids who grew up in heterosexual families. 
The Williams Institute: “Fifty percent of 17-year-olds who grew up in lesbian-headed families in the United States indicated they had experienced stigmatization, but nearly 2/3 employed effective coping strategies. A key part of the study reveals that the overall rates of teasing experienced in lesbian-mother families do not differ from those reported in heterosexual families, which is consistent with previous research in this area.”
Bottom line:  kids get teased. 
Since the rates of stigmatization “do not differ,” anti-bullying measures should protect all students rather than be designed specifically toward homosexual-related children.  In spite of this research, gay rights advocates such as the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network continue to gear anti-bullying measures towards their favorite victims:  homosexuals.  To protect children with same-sex attractions, GLSEN wrote it ‘s own book, an anti-bullying toolkit for teachers called Ready, Set, Respect!
The Williams Institute was founded to advance “sexual orientation and gender identity law” and disseminate it to “judges, legislators, policymakers, media and the public.”
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Frances Kelly lives in the United States with her husband and daughters. She writes about gender issues for Homegriddle.