I don’t watch much TV. I prefer movies and don’t have much time for either. But there are always exceptions to the rule. For me, American Idol is one such exception and Lie To Me is the newest! The show, which airs on the Fox network, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on TV before. It’s captivating.

The general story line is that Dr. Cal Lightman is a lie expert. He can tell when a person is lying based on little facial clues, vocal intonations, etc… Each episode solves a new crime, conspiracy, or dramatic event. Lightman has his own company with three supporting cast members who can also spot a lie and a dedicated FBI agent that works with them on cases.

The show first aired in January 2009 and is in the midst of its second season now, with a third one already in the works.

While I am really into mind-bending movies and shows, one of the other reasons I love Lie to Me is the content is mostly clean and wholesome. It’s not something you feel the need to switch mid-scene or would be uncomfortable watching with your parents. There are some weightier topics that get addressed, there is some violence, but overall it is the science portion that really makes the show. The science behind facial clues is amazing. To illustrate a point one of the characters is making about a certain person’s expressions or actions, the show often flashes up pictures of famous figures making the same face – fascinating. 

You can catch old episodes on Fox’s website.

For the international readers, according to the Wikipedia entry… “he series is broadcast by Network Ten in Australia and Global TV in Canada, and also airs in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Hungary and Belgium. Lie to Me aired on Sky1 in the UK and Ireland, starting on May 14, 2009. On July 20, 2009, Fox aired the premiere in Latin America. RTL 5 in The Netherlands has been broadcasting it since November 6, 2009.


Katie Hinderer

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