Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen the world welcome Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Born on Saturday and weighing 3.7kg, you could say that she got a royal welcome complete with paparazzi and bets on what her name would be. But apart from all that, I think the birth of this little princess is a good reminder of a few things:

A baby brings people together

Amongst so much sad news of terrorism, executions and more, the birth of a baby is a wonderful respite. We in Australia might be over 10,000 miles away and yet we enjoyed it just as much as the next country. A baby is a sign of hope, of fresh starts, of goodness, and plus it’s something that we can discuss with pretty much anyone by the water cooler.

Every baby is precious

Princess Charlotte might be the baby that actually does get an international welcome, but really, every baby is deserving of this. As my parents always say, each child is a gift – a beautiful bundle of possibility with their own part to play in the world. How special is that!? This might be worth remembering next time we feel like rolling our eyes at the crying toddler in the supermarket or the too-playful bub on the train.

Mum’s the word

I love that Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is actually choosing to have children – I think that this is part of what makes a positive role model. So many women look up to her (case in point: she wears a dress and it soon sells out) and I think it’s great that they’ll see an educated, intelligent woman who thinks that family is important. And all while remaining so graceful and elegant!

There’s nothing wrong with good, old-fashioned classiness

And to add a bit of a social media spin, I liked this quote that I read in an article: “Proving that you don’t have to name your baby Apple or North West to get a big public reaction, the name chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, for their new baby set the internet abuzz.” Need I say more? Getting attention is so much more fun when you’re not trying! Something, perhaps, that other celebrities could learn from. 

Tamara El-Rahi is an associate editor of MercatorNet. A Journalism graduate from the University of Technology Sydney, she lives in Australia with her husband and two daughters.