Africa has a bright future, with its young and growing population and strong social ties. The media highlights the dark side of the world’s fastest growing continent; MercatorNet is far more optimistic in its unique blog Harambee. Here are the year’s top posts. 

Making sense of Kenya’s Westgate terror attack 

At 95, Nelson Mandela shows how good can drown evil

How to rewrite Africa’s history

Africa stands up to Obama against gay unions

Despite modernization Nigeria retains her kings

Nigerian village celebrates 2 year record of zero infant, zero maternal mortality

Digital innovations on the heels of Kenya’s Westgate terror

Europe ignores Africa to its peril

Mugabe et al: Power that kills!

Enugu Book Project founder dies

The Vibrant Faith of Africa

Malaria: How to win the endgame against an ancient foe

Building Africa’s Silicon Valley in Kenya

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia.