Sorry, we missed this one. It’s a bit off the central topic of Conjugality, which is same-sex marriage, not homosexuality. But since one of the main arguments for same-sex marriage is the unchangeable nature of same-sex attraction, this video will be of interest.

“Luca era gay” won second prize at the San Remo Music Festival in 2009. The artist, Giuseppe Povia, is an Italian pop star who often sings about social issues. In this controversial piece, he narrates the conversion of Luca from homosexuality back to a normal lifestyle. The lyrics are not very poetic – at least in English – but the tune is catchy. Instead, they weave a psychological narrative about young man with a possessive mother and a weak, distant father who seeks affection among gays.

The song is based on the real-life story of Luca di Tolve, once an activist with the gay Italian group Arcigay. After a number of years immersed in the gay lifestyle, he discovered reparative therapy, promoted by US psychologist Joseph Nicolosi, and broke away. Now he is married and recently published a book about his experience, Ero Gay.

As you might guess, the song created a huge controversy in Italy. However, I cannot even imagine that a similar song would have produced, let alone make it to the top of the charts, in the US. 

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia.