Recently in Madras, the high court ruled that an unmarried couple who lived together with their two kids were to be considered legally married.

This ruling provoked a flurry of outrage, bemoaning the fact that couples having premarital sex could be considered married, but this was not truly the case. In effect the Justice CS Karnan was ruling on the issue of domestic partnership, taking into the account that the man had signed official documents naming his partner as his wife. But the judge did also make this statement:

 “Consequently, if any couple choose to consummate their sexual cravings, then that act becomes a total commitment with adherence to all consequences that may follow, except on certain exceptional considerations.”

I have to say that I find this very interesting. Legally, this is not the kind of statement that would hold up, but it definitely holds a semblance of truth that is ignored these days. That is the fact that if a couple does “consummate their sexual cravings,” they do in fact have some responsibility towards each other and whatever the consequences of their actions are.

It would never happen, but imagine if such a ruling became law. How much the sexual activity of young people would change! They’d definitely be thinking twice before jumping into bed with a stranger. What do you think of this high court ruling?

Tamara El-Rahi is an associate editor of MercatorNet. A Journalism graduate from the University of Technology Sydney, she lives in Australia with her husband and two daughters.