Bishops around the world are beginning to
resign over various degrees of involvement in the sex abuse scandal. Bishop Jim
Moriarty of Kildare and Leighlin has become the third Irish bishop to resign. Although
he was not named in the scathing Murphy report over sex abuse in the Dublin
archdiocese, he admitted that he had failed to challenge the prevailing culture
when he was an auxiliary bishop from 1991 to 2002.

According to the Irish
, two other Dublin auxiliaries Eamonn Walsh and Ray Field, who offered
their resignations late last year may soon depart.

Belgium’s longest-serving bishop,
73-year-old Roger Vangheluwe, of Bruges, has resigned after
that he had abused a boy about 25 years ago.

has marked the victim forever. The wound does not heal. Neither in me nor the
victim,” said a statement from Bishop Vangheluwe, adding that he
repeatedly has asked the victim and his family for forgiveness. “I am
enormously sorry,” he said.

A statement issued to all parishes by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales offered a
“heartfelt apology and deep sorrow to those who have suffered abuse”.

“We express our heartfelt apology and deep sorrow to those who have
suffered abuse, those who have felt ignored, disbelieved or betrayed. We ask their pardon, and the pardon of God for these terrible deeds done in our midst. There can be no excuses.” 

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia.