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Another story in the mums-will-cut-off-their-right-arm-for-their-child tradition, with a happy ending for both.

The Daily Mail reports:

Victoria Webster, 33, was diagnosed with cancer during a routine blood test when she was 21 weeks pregnant.

Medics pleaded with her to have a late termination so she could start on a course of life-saving chemotherapy – but warned the medication would kill her unborn daughter.

The mother-of-two decided to keep her baby, and delay her treatment – and incredibly, she is now on the road to recovery after giving birth to a healthy baby girl.

Mrs Webster, from Birmingham in the UK, says there was never really any “decision” to make about baby Jessica — “I had to protect her.” Husband Martyn supported her in her stand.

For the baby’s sake she refused chemotherapy for her condition — chronic myeloid leukaemia — cancer of the blood, which is extremely rare in patients under 50 — but accepted at the doctors’ urging a milder treatment.

Straight after the birth she began chemo, and although sad to miss out on breast feeding her daughter, she has responded well to the treatment and hopes to be in remission soon.

‘I’ll never regret keeping my little girl and delaying treatment. I might have risked my life for her, but she was worth it.’

Interesting that it turns out that medicine did have something to offer besides a stark “choice” between her life or the baby’s. This seems an important area for research.


Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is the former deputy editor of MercatorNet