At the start of each week I am going to try and post a run down of a number of interesting Tiger Print-worthy articles that I’m come across during the prior week. They are bound to be a wide range of articles, from a diverse number of sources. If you come across one you’d like to see on this list next week send me an email with the link. (


Favorite of the week:

Tweet Less, Kiss More; The New York Times

The best lines in this came at the end… “We need to reduce the speed limits of our lives. We need to savor the trip. Leave the cellphone at home every once in awhile. Try kissing more and tweeting less. And stop talking so much. Listen. Other people have something to say, too. And when they don’t, that glorious silence that you hear will have more to say to you than you ever imagined. That is when you will begin to hear your song. That’s when your best thoughts take hold, and you become really you.”



Google disconnects Nexus One: Mashable


Apple will tout iOS 4.0.1 bumpers as iPhone 4 fix; PC World



French women’s secret to aging well; The New York Times


The Beauty Advantage: how your looks affect your work, your career and your life: Newsweek


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