It’s only because the laptop is in the lap while watching CNN that
I’m putting this post up. Enough of the usual talking heads and the
chattering classes.

DL Hughley had a rabbi and a Muslim on to talk about the
Israel-Hamas war (conflict) and how it’s like the turf battle between
two notorious street gangs. Interesting, and original.

A couple of good guests later, jazz artist Wynton Marsalis was on
the show and somewhere in the middle of the discussion about the
culture, Marsalis said something close to this:

We need people to speak more clearly and listen with even more clarity.

Yesss….Thank you. I’ve been saying this for years. Can we do this?

Sheila Liaugminas

Sheila Liaugminas is an Emmy award-winning Chicago-based journalist in print and broadcast media. Her writing and broadcasting covers matters of faith, culture, politics and the media....