And neither do the rest of us concentrating on the human impact of the disaster there and sending humanitarian relief.

We don’t need to hear politically or religiously motivated blame.

First, Pat Robertson.

Now, Danny Glover.

“We all sighed and shook our heads at Pat Robertson’s ridiculous
assertion that the Haiti earthquake was caused because the brave slaves
who rebelled against France back in the 19th Century had “made a pact
with the devil.” But we should be just as dismissive of Danny Glover,
who claims that the quake is the earth’s revenge for the failure of

Haiti happened. How and why only God knows, though we know part of
the reason it was so catastrophic (government corruption keeping the
infrastructure so squalid) and what needs to change drastically.

There’s a long road ahead, and they/we are on it now. More on all this here

Sheila Liaugminas

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