The latest Facebook news is the software the site has that claims the ability to identify your face in pictures and videos. Its facial recognition software is revolutionary and creepy! (in my opinion)

The software is supposed to make photo tagging easier, as it will read our photos and suggest the people in each photo, allowing you the ability to tag them without even typing in their names. There is even the option to tag all the recent photos you’ve uploaded at once. So the friends you went out with on Friday night to celebrate a birthday won’t have to be individually tagged, you can do it all in a couple simple clicks.

The technology certainly makes it easier to tag people in photos. But isn’t it a little scary that Facebook is collecting all this data about you and your facial cues and expressions? The hope is that eventually, the technology will allow you to search for the person via picture. Forget names or hometowns. You’d be able to find them from a picture you have or see.

And when you’re talking about Facebook, that’s an awful lot of information at your finger tips. With users uploading on average 200 million photos; the site currently hosts more than 90 billion pictures!!

As with most Facebook technologies, you can opt out of this technological advance. Just Go to the Account tab, Account Settings, Privacy, Customize Settings and then Things Others Share. From there you can click the button disabling Suggest Photos of Me to Friends. Don’t think that is enough to protect you… Go ahead and tag inanimate objects as yourself to throw the technology off. On the bright side – users are putting up such a stink about this new feature that it is being taken to court.

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