Jim Carrey. Ricky Gervais. Adam Sandler.
Steve Martin. All well-known comedians. How about Philip

Apparently he is contemplating a career as
a stand-up comedian. During his recent tour of Wales, he told the newspaper
Wales on Sunday, “There is a proposal to do some sort of stage stand-up comedy.
It will be comedy associated with the issues of death and dying directed more
at entertainment,
that’s what we are looking at.”

Hmmm. “You heard the one about the Australian
doctor who says to his patient: how are you going today?” Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Pretty hot.


Nitschke says that he may even do his act
in drag, like another Aussie comedian whom he admires, Barry Humphries. Humphries
made his over-the-top portrayal of Dame Edna Everage a huge success in Australia
and the UK. But Nitschke also admires the more subdued style of Jerry Seinfeld.
So it’s hard to tell what will emerge from Exit International’s attempt to do Comedy

Stay tuned.

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia.