This past week I attended a super-formal high school graduation for a private girls school. The young ladies had walk slowly up an aisle to the stage wearing formal white gowns, many were in wedding dresses. They had their hair done-up by professional stylists, with whispy curls framing the face. They carried a bouquet of deep red roses. Overall the look was stunning. The teenagers looked ready to take on the college world as mature adults.

But as I watched girl after girl progress up the aisle and stand on the stage I was surprised to see the large number of graduates who slouched. Perhaps it was the fact that many of them had bare arms and shoulders. Or maybe it was that most of the dresses were elegantly fitted to their form. But whatever the reason, many of them were unable to stand-up straight and pull their shoulders back.

After that graduation night I began to notice more and more that many women, and men, have poor form. Long gone are the days of walking with a book on your head to assure the proper posture and poise. But, I’d argue it is just as needed today.

Having the proper arch to one’s back and letting the shoulders sit where they naturally should accomplishes two important things. One: It adds a certain decorum and modest-look to any outfit. It means tops will not gap or drape in an unflattering way. Two: It shows a person’s confidence in herself and the place they occupy in the world. Not to mention the health repercussions later in life for those who are already hunched over at an early age.

Maybe it’s time we tried walking around with a book on our heads for a while to see how straight our posture actually is.

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Katie Hinderer

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