So, I’m sitting here writing this at almost 38 weeks pregnant. I would normally be asleep at this hour, but the typical discomforts associated with pregnancy have defeated my will to sleep yet again. I have given up trying to fight it this morning. I will nana-nap later. I am sure of it.

I bet you like hearing about how uncomfortable I am. Not for any narcissistic reason, but simply because as a culture we seem to be drawn to negative conversation, negative ideas, negative opinions. I know this because of late, the most common line said to me by close friends and strangers alike has been “Oh my gosh, you must be SO over it!” and “You must just want it out already!”

My response?…Um, no actually. I’m not. And I don’t.

Why are we so fixated on the negative? Why do so many women claim to hate being pregnant? And to truly dread the experience? Are they simply allowing the swelling and the cramps to turn the beautiful and mysterious experience of carrying their very own flesh and blood into something to despise?

I love being pregnant. There, I said it! I love it. I love it. And I have never been as fulfilled by anything else in my life.

Women “tsk” when I say this. “Well, you’re lucky. You’ve had it easy,” they say. Or, “You’ve just had a ‘good’ pregnancy.” Right?! How exactly is a good pregnancy defined? By a sufferer of gestational diabetes, carpel tunnel syndrome, morning sickness and restless legs (and believe me, the list goes on)? I think not.

But the reality is, I choose to love being pregnant. Like anything else in life, we choose how to respond, we choose to be happy, we choose to overcome, and we make a choice to love.

It is disappointing that so many women chose to adopt the thinking that their pregnancy is a burden; that the changes to their bodies are something to reject.

But as women, we have an inner strength. We are made to nurture and to bring forth life. We are made as beautiful and mysterious creatures to captivate and astound.

Pregnancy brings to life the essence of a woman. There is a great beauty to behold when we see a woman carrying her child in her womb. The image we love. The reality so many are afraid of.

Why have so many women adopted a fear of being pregnant – myself included? I was terrified of having a baby. For many years, the thought of being pregnant made me nervous, because I was being fed ideas that led me to think that my body would become an out-of-control, hormonal race track – that I would turn into a fat, tired monster and be cranky for the next 40 weeks. Yes, if I sat back and gave into my fears, I could be all of these things (just ask my husband)!

But there is strength in overcoming the new and sometimes uncomfortable changes taking place in your body. We are spiritual beings and have the will to overcome our raw bodily feelings and frustrations.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I am thankful that I didn’t allow my fears to overcome me, and that my husband and I chose to embrace the gift of life.

I am healthy, I am beautiful, I am radiant. I am strong, I am fearless, and I have hope. I am a mother, a nurturer and a wife. I am a pregnant woman. A woman perfected.

This post first appeared on Lianna's personal blog. She and her husband are now loving being parents to little Jasmine Grace.