Education First Alliance is a North Carolina lobby group for parents who are concerned about their children’s education in state schools. It fears that academic excellence and character development are being ignored as “progressive” activists push political and sexual agendas. MercatorNet interviewed Sloan Rachmuth, its founder. A Harvard graduate, she also has a PhD in media psychology.

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MercatorNet: Australia is a long way from North Carolina. Most people have the impression that it is Southern, quiet, and conservative. Obviously it’s much more complex than this. Can you give us a bit of background?

Sloan Rachmuth: North Carolina is considered a “Red State” here in America. However, since tech giants Apple, Google, and Amazon have relocated large parts of their campuses to our state, we have seen so-called conservative lawmakers behaving like sheep.

For example, three Republican lawmakers introduced a bill last year that would prevent doctors from performing sex-change surgery on minors younger than 21. The bill was not brought up for a floor vote by the Republican leadership because the concept was “too controversial.”

Another bill was introduced a few months ago that would have required schools to notify parents if a child presented with “gender dysphoria,” and would have required healthcare workers in the schools to get permission prior to diagnosing or treating school children. Again, that bill was shot down by the Republican Speaker of the house before a vote could be taken.

The fact that these three companies have been very outspoken about support for pro-trans youth policy, including what they deem “gender-affirming care,” is not lost on voters in our state.

Is the transgender issue a major problem in North Carolina?

The state currently has recorded that 13 students are playing on athletic teams that do not correspond to their biological sex, and girls have been seriously injured as a direct result.

We are a state that is known throughout the country for our high-quality medical schools. We now have three of those teaching hospital marketing to minors: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, East Carolina University, and Duke University. Together these networks comprise over 50 percent market share for healthcare in the state.

I gather that what infuriates you most is the lack of transparency in the school curriculum. Do school officials hide their gender-affirmative agenda from parents? And from politicians?

Officials in several key districts have deployed secret “Gender Support Plans” that allow teachers to hide circumstances where children change their gender at school. Plans even ask teachers to identify an adult at the school (who is not a parent) who would provide support to the gender-bending student. The reason given for secrecy is that some parents might not be receptive to their child changing genders. However there exists no public evidence to substantiate this claim.

What problems did you discover?

Our organization has documented over 40 arrests of teachers accused of sexual abuse over the past 18 months. Now we are being told that school “Gender Support Plans” will be assigning non-custodial adults to spend alone time with children to discuss sexuality? This is not something that our organization will ignore. We will continue to sound the alarm about the dangerousness of this policy for gay and straight children alike.

Why are you so worried about gender-affirmative medical treatment for children? Only a handful of kids are involved, right?

There are three stages of the sex-reassignment process according to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health association and we are worried about all three for youth.

To begin, we have observed literally hundreds of cases of school officials grooming children to change their gender. This is accomplished by repeatedly exposing children to lessons on what activists call “breaking the gender binary.” Then children are encouraged to switch pronouns and to keep secrets from their parents.

We have documented that at least one hospital in North Carolina is working directly with schools to get referrals for puberty blockers — a drug with a high negative side effect profile.

Organizations deceptively name the training “Safe Zone Training” and never disclose their relationship to sex-reassignment providers. The last step of the sex-reassignment process is, of course, permanent and children do not have the cognitive ability to consent to this serious step.

It’s as if none of these providers or hospitals cares a whit about what’s going on in the UK at Tavistock!

Parents find transgender issues very difficult to cope with. What advice would you give to parents who discover that a son or daughter is being caught up in trans culture?

My advice? Take their phone for 30 days and then revisit the issue. Trans influencers on TikTok and SnapChat are driving this movement and research suggests that teen girls are most susceptible to these messages.

Where does the media stand in your state? Are they interested in investigating the issues?

We are the only journalistic enterprise exposing the healthcare side of the youth sex-reassignment craze. We have nurses and a general surgeon on our team, and we are very comfortable notifying the public about what we see as Pharma and hospitals profiteering from treatments for children that are experimental, dangerous, in many cases permanent.

Do most other American states face the same issues?

Almost every state in America is grappling with this problem. States like Texas and Florida have recently passed legislation meant to halt sex-reassignment procedures for minors. Our organization will see that a law similar to Florida’s is passed in the near term.

Sloan Rachmuth is a conservative journalist, education activist, and mom of two. She has an undergraduate degree from Harvard, with PhD work in media psychology. Sloan is a micro-targeting, messaging,...