It’s hard to believe we have plunged this far.

As a method of getting states to promote suicide without
legalizing the practice of assisted suicide, euthanasia backers are
relying on legislation that forces doctors to promote suicide as an
option. The bills also make it so pro-euthanasia groups are given
referral status to talk with patients.

This not the result of becoming a utilitarian society. It’s only an
ominous symptom. The results will be much worse as long (and far) as it

But this bill is bad enough.

If it is approved, pro-euthanasia groups will be able to
sell themselves as providers of information to terminally ill patients,
which means they will be able to promote suicide as an option.

This the same culture of activists who fight any effort to provide women in crisis pregnancies any ‘option’ other than abortion.

Sheila Liaugminas

Sheila Liaugminas is an Emmy award-winning Chicago-based journalist in print and broadcast media. Her writing and broadcasting covers matters of faith, culture, politics and the media....