Is it just me or has there been a number of recent romantic comedies that have been appropriate for all ages? I’m talking about the type of movie that makes you smile when it ends and is possible to watch with a wide age range without reaching for the fast-forward button. Maybe I’ve been oblivious to these in the past, but this year a number have come to DVD that would fall into the category.

For example… two movies come to mind right away:


Leap Year – The story centers around Anna, the girl who plans to propose to her boyfriend in Dublin on February 29th. Her flight runs into difficult weather and her path to Dublin is waylaid. With the help of local pub owner, Declan, she gets to Dublin just in time, only to figure out Declan may just be everything she was looking for. The movie is rated PG and stars Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott and John Lithgow.


Letters to Juliette – Women from all over the world come to the home of Shakespeare’s Juliette and write for advice on love issues. Sophie is taking a trip with her busy fiancé and finds herself helping the secretaries of Juliette. After responding to a letter that had been stuck in the rocks for 50 years, Sophie experiences the trip of a lifetime while she helps the now aged woman find the love of her life. In the process, Sophie realizes her relationship isn’t what it should be. The movie is rated PG and stars Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave and Christopher Egan.

I haven’t seen the Last Song, although I read the book by Nicholas Sparks, but that one too is recently out and rated PG. My sisters saw it and bawled in the theater.

OK, I admit these are not stellar bits of acting; although I do think Amy Adams is talented. But sometimes you are just in the mood for a movie you can sit back, enjoy and not have to think too hard about the story line.

I wonder if family-friendly romantic comedies are a new trend in Hollywood. It certainly would be a nice fad to see.


Katie Hinderer

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