Remember Psy and his “Gangnam style” hit? Well he’s decided to grace our radios again, with another incomprehensible and yet decidedly sexist song. Named “Gentleman”, I am yet to find a link between this title and the song content. I decided to take a look at the translated lyrics and video clip to save you all the trouble. So here goes.

Let’s start with the lyrics. The chorus features a repetitive “I’m a mother father gentleman”. Apart from the crude phrase that it sounds like, my question is – what on earth does that mean? Maybe there isn’t even any point in asking. I looked to the verses to investigate further, but once more was treated to a garbled bunch of ridiculous sentences. There are references to oh-how-attractive Psy knows himself to be, a quick mention of a girl’s attractiveness, and plenty about all the fun they are going to have (need I say more).

As for the video, don’t bother to watch it. Those are minutes you’ll never get back. If you’re a woman you’ll feel degraded, and if you’re a man you’ll momentarily forget how to respect women. Psy wonders around pretending to be interested in women and then treating them with a total lack of respect for his own (sick sense) of entertainment. For example, he seemingly pulls out a chair for a woman to sit at table, and then draws it back so she falls on the floor – at which point he laughs and moves on to his next sexist trick. Disgusting much?

The only girl who he takes a liking to in the video clip is the one that disrespects him right back – which could subtly leave minds with the impression that degradation should be laughed off and even imitated. And as if this wasn’t enough fun for one day, you’ll also be confronted with the recurring image of a pelvic-thrusting dance move which Psy seems to have taken a particular fancy to.  

I can’t say that this all disappointed me, since I had no high expectations of it whatsoever. I was rather hoping he wouldn’t have another song at all. But it does sadden me and is unfortunately telling of a society that tolerates sexism for its amusement all too often. 

Tamara El-Rahi is an associate editor of MercatorNet. A Journalism graduate from the University of Technology Sydney, she lives in Australia with her husband and two daughters.