Far be it from me to mock and heap ridicule
upon the most venerable institution in American journalism. I’ll let Damien
Thompson, blogs editor for the London Telegraph, do the job. His brief blog
entry runs under the headline “The
New York Times has seriously screwed up its coverage of the Pope and the child
abuse scandals

It’s pretty clear now that The New York
Times has screwed up its coverage of Pope Benedict XVI and the child abuse
scandals. In fact, I doubt it could have done a worse job if it had brought
back Jayson Blair
to report the story.

[Cardinal William] Levada asks the NYT to
“reconsider its attack mode”. Can’t see that happening: certain columnists,
reporters and executives are just too blinded by hatred of this Pope. I don’t
normally wish unemployment on fellow journalists – even snooty and snarling PC
ones from the Big Apple – but if the paper folded tomorrow I reckon I could
contain my grief. Couldn’t you?

This is seriously
uncharitable stuff. Wash your mouth out with soap, Damien.

Michael Cook

Michael Cook is the editor of MercatorNet. He lives in Sydney, Australia.