The world is watching history in the making … and shaking its collective head.

Once again, tens of millions of ordinary Americans defied the tech billionaires and media conglomerates who think that they own America and did the unthinkable: voted to reelect Donald Trump. 

Just as in 2016, so-called polling experts, such as Nate Silver of polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight, insisted that Trump had only a 10 percent chance of winning the election. 

Virtually every major mainstream outlet predicted a landslide victory for Joe Biden and a massive repudiation of the MAGA movement. 

Yet as a few of us predicted, it didn’t happen. 

There was no blue wave, no massive repudiation of anything.

Instead, one by one, the states that were supposed to go for Biden… didn’t

On election night, Trump won Florida. Then he won Texas (supposedly “in play”). 

Then Ohio. Then the results began coming in from blue states Michigan and Pennsylvania with Trump ahead by significant margins.

And then, inexplicably, everything stopped. Around 9:30 pm in New York, officials in these Democrat states suddenly just stopped counting the vote. To say this struck ordinary Americans as suspicious is an understatement.  Trump was headed for another huge upset… and the Democrat officials just quit counting the ballots! 

At this writing, Trump is ahead in North Carolina and Georgia… but they quit counting.  He is way ahead in Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Same thing.

It didn’t help matters that two days before the election the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, a partisan Democrat, announced confidently that when all the votes were counted… Trump would lose

The media insists that voter fraud is a myth, but it’s not implausible. According to data from the federal Election Assistance Commission 28.3 million mail-in ballots were unaccounted for between 2012 and 2018 — one in five of all absentee ballots.  

Plus, Americans remember the year 2000 when Democrats kept counting and re-counting votes – each time inexplicably finding new boxes full of ballots – until finally the Supreme Court put a stop to it.

Now, once again, the lawyers are involved – which is no way to run a country.

Trump still can win – he’s ahead in Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia — but it will take days, perhaps weeks, before the result is finally known.

So, what happens now?

Well, clearly America remains a sharply divided, 50/50 country

If the Democrats had any illusions that they could return to the glory days of the Obama Administration, those illusions were dashed forever on Tuesday.

Contrary to all the predictions and outright demands of America’s ruling classes, Trump remains hugely popular with at least half of America – the ordinary working people (the “deplorables”) whom the media and tech elite so openly despise.  The election proved that once and for all.

At least 100 million Americans in all those Red States have taken the Red Pill and can’t go back.  Like the character Neo in the 1999 film “The Matrix,” they’ve had their eyes open to the way the world really is. 

Thanks to the thuggish behavior of Democrat politicians and the media class during the past four years, ordinary Americans now understand just how much American democracy is under attack by the left-leaning tech industry, universities, Wall Street and the permanent government bureaucracy.

That doesn’t mean there will be another civil war. The net result will be balkanization, the division of America not along racial but rather moral and cultural lines.  There is already an exodus of Americans, of all colours and persuasions, to heartland Red States where they can live their lives in peace, undisturbed by rampaging mobs.   

In other words, no matter who ultimately prevails in the election battle, expect four more years of the same insanity, media propaganda and cultural warfare we’ve had to endure for the last four years. 

And in the unlikely event that Biden does win after dozens of lawsuits and recounts of newly discovered ballots, it will be a Pyrrhic victory, one in which the cost of winning will be so high it will be tantamount to a defeat. 

For example, you can expect crippling and multi-year Congressional investigations into the Biden family’s corrupt financial entanglements with Chinese and Ukrainian businesses

You reap what you sow. 

Robert J. Hutchinson writes about the intersection of politics and ideas. He latest book is What...