The illustrator Danny Snell writes that this book is “For all the birds that I tried to save as a child.” Many children have a natural kindness and tendency to want to help a sick or injured animal, and this picture book picks up on the caring, nurturing aspect of pet-keeping.

A cat brings a baby kookaburra into the family’s lounge room. The family feed the baby bird every four hours, and watch as it grows. The story ends beautifully as Jeremy returns to his natural environment, finding companions who may be his brother and sister. Endpapers give details about the lifespan, habits and facts to encourage curiosity about Australia’s amazing native bird, the kookaburra.

Beautiful, charming illustrations in acrylic on board give the story its beauty and appeal. Children will recognise the understated humour which adds another ‘story’ to the words. Jeremy enjoys learning to fly and even sits determinedly, a small figure on a large recliner chair, in the manner of one watching television.

Available through the National Library of Australia Bookshop or

A former children’s librarian, Jane Fagan is currently a full-time mother of two.