You might think that people in Kenya had more to worry about than how men and women annoy one another, but that is what pollsters Ipsos Synovate decided to quiz them on. And the results indicate some serious issues in one of the more developed and stable African countries.

Asked what they found most annoying in men (they were evidently presented with a list of items), the women in the survey came back strongly with infidelity (44 per cent) and alcoholism, drunkenness and drug abuse (24 per cent). A significant 11 per cent picked the raping and molestation of children — a “habit” for which the word “annoying” hardly seems adequate — and 8 per cent thought men were too stingy.

But look at what the men can’t stand about women: the way they dress!

45% of the men who took part in the survey said they hated exhibitionism or indecent dressing (miniskirts, exposing dresses, tight trousers etc). Gossiping was the second most hated female habit (17%). Unfaithfulness was considered annoying by (7%), prostitution (7%), gold digging or expecting money or items of value from men all the time had 6% and alcoholism (4%).

“Nagging”, by the way, was mentioned by only 3 per cent of men.

Does anyone else see a connection between the pet hates of the two sexes? Unfaithfulness is much more serious than wearing skin-tight pants, but what if women made the first move and stopped advertising their sexuality in the way they turn themselves out?

Just asking.

Carolyn Moynihan

Carolyn Moynihan is the former deputy editor of MercatorNet