What a special little book! Like Gloria Whelan’s tales for older children, this one is far richer than your average picture book.

A young boy is the son of a renowned chef, the patron of a well-reputed restaurant in France. The boy’s love of fine cooking is described with mouth-watering detail, and his ingenuity in helping his father prepare for an important guest at the restaurant is impressive.

The French setting is beautifully evoked through both the refined literary style and charming illustrations.

But how is it that this story about cooking can bring tears to your eyes? Whelan’s expert storytelling transforms it into an inspiring tale of nobility, creativity, love for one’s work and appreciation of the work of others. Highly recommended.

Clare Cannon is the editor of www.GoodReadingGuide.com and the manager of Portico Books in Sydney.

Clare Cannon lives in Sydney where she is editor of The Good Reading Guide and manager of Portico Books,...