He may not be your average church committee’s
for Dad of the Year (he’s a proponent of same-sex marriage), but in these days
of demographic decline, father of six Brad Pitt gets a tentative thumbs-up for
endorsing large families. That attitude takes some courage in still-stuck-on-Malthus
Hollywood circles these days.

Brad Pitt knew from an early
age that if he ever had his own family, it was going to a big one.

“I had a friend who had a big family when I
was a kid. I just loved the chaos around the breakfast table and the fighting
and the ribbing, and the mom making pancakes for everyone or the dad making

He’s right on that score too: when you have
a lot of kids, there is chaos (more often than not, the good kind), and you eat
a lot of pancakes.

Mariette Ulrich is a homemaker and freelance writer. She lives in western Canada with her husband and six of their seven children. Mariette holds an Honours B.A. in English Literature...