Earlier, we looked at the new technology-related stresses that can drive computer programmers crazy. What about the ones that are hard on less driven people? One prproblem to prevent is repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) from the use of cell phones, for example iPosture and text claw. iPosture is, essentially texting while slouching:

This “iPosture” generation of young adults has lost an average of 1.5 days of work due to back problems compared to people of their parents’ generation — an ”average of 6.74 days for 18-24 year olds versus 5.12 for 45 to 54 year olds,” to be precise.

Text claw is soreness and cramping in the fingers, wrist and forearm due to repetitive action while using the phone. The risk is, long after we’ve forgotten who it was so important to stay in touch with or why, we could be feeling the effects. Staying in touch with our bodies and correcting stresses early is the best prevention. Forty years of the cell phone, and beyond:

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