Yesterday as I watched the season finale of Once Upon a Time on I was bombarded by a number of political questions meant to tailor my ad experience. How interested am in the coming elections? Am I likely to vote? And so on… (For the record I’m interested and I am voting.)

Hulu’s questions are just the beginning of the political furor we are about to be plunged into. It’s started already. The media is covering every major issue, the voting records of candidates, the personal integrity of each person, the allies and enemies of each. And somehow in this coverage there is increasing outrage at the cost of the clothing worn by the candidates’ wives.

As a fashion blogger, I certainly am interested in what Michelle Obama was wearing on the Jay Leno show (a J. Crew sweater) or what Ann Romney wears while campaigning with her husband. At the same time I don’t think these clothing items should be fodder for personal ire with a candidate or his wife. Really, what does Ann Romney’s clothing choices have to do with her husband’s ability to run our nation? NOTHING. Do the Lanvin shoes Michelle Obama wore to a soup kitchen determine President Obama’s worth? I certainly hope not!

Some people may argue that how a First Lady spends her money is important to the elections as it shows a specific mindset or way of living. And while that might be true, I would be willing to bet women like Michelle Obama and Ann Romney are given clothing for free by companies hoping to cash in on the lingering photographers waiting to capture these women in everything they do. Even I, a lowly fashion blogger, receive complimentary items from companies several times a month.

I wish the political journalists would stick to the politics of the matter and let the fashion writers delve into the pros and cons of these ladies attire. One of their husbands will run this country in a few short months and we certainly have more important issues to focus on than Reed Krakoff clothing items.

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Katie Hinderer

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