Is the whole liberal agenda which proclaims itself as a War for Women in fact a War against Children? Include the anti-marriage agenda of Obama’s anti-bullying spokesman and militant homosexual campaigner Dan Savage  and you have a very child-hostile culture indeed.

Frances Kelly shares her take on all this.

As Tim Shaughnessy notes, the Democrats’ mantra “war against women” is actually code for their war against children.

Since Obama wants to publicize a “war against women,” it’s good to identify the combatants. .. the war is really not about women or Republicans, but between those who favor abortion and contraception and those opposed to it.

Even pro-choicers would have to admit that abortion and contraception are ways of getting rid of unwanted children. They dodge the issue by suggesting it is just a “clump of cells,” but want these tools because they know that clump of cells will turn into a baby someday. They think that sex doesn’t have the inherent end of producing children, but any sane person clearly sees through the farce. Unspoken is the understanding that kids are a problem. It has to be unspoken, though, because it grates against human compassion to suggest that kids are the enemy.

Remember President Obama’s admission that pregnancy is a punishment?  “If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”  (At 40 seconds in video.)

And Obama’s anti-bullying spokesman and militant homosexual campaigner Dan Savage believes women sh** babies.  Equating children with excrement sounds rather anti-baby to me.

Promoting gender segregation in marriage also reveals an anti-baby attitude.  Everyone knows that two men cannot produce a baby together, nor can two women, yet the Democrats added same-sex marriage to their official platform.

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