I’m a big fan of fashion blogs. There is so much inspiration out there, so many places to look at and get ideas for your attire. Anyone who is interested in fashion knows the Sartorialist is the blog to visit – it’s the epitome of a well executed ‘man-on-the-street’ blog.

The pictures that appear on the blog are taken around the world. The pictures capture a slice of life and the look of a person. They are random women lunching at a café, men crossing the street, or children in a park. Young adults, middle age, elderly. All races, all colors, all fashion personas. It’s all there on the Sartorialist.

The mastermind behind this visual master piece is Scott Schuman, a former fashion industry insider who left a sales position in 2005 in order to take care of his daughter. His home base is New York City but he photographs people all over the world. According to his biography, Schuman wanted to find inspiration in the every day.

“I thought I could shoot people on the street the way designers looked at people, and get and give inspiration to lots of people in the process. My only strategy when I began The Sartorialist was to try and shoot style in a way that I knew most designers hunted for inspiration.”

Anyone looking for some fashion inspiration, or just some beautiful photography will love this blog. (pictures from the Sartorialist)



Katie Hinderer

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