Adam Bloom has always considered himself an average guy. How could he have award-winning skaters for parents and a sister (Cressida) with a voice so perfect it can shatter glass? Just the same, before his parents’ death, they would often tell Adam that he really was special in his own way.

When Cressida receives an invitation to the Festival of Youthful Genius, Adam accompanies her. He finds himself surrounded by so many talented children that he cannot help but believe that mediocrity is his lot in life. He soon discovers that being average has its advantages, for the organizer of the festival, Fortescue, plans to steal the skills of every child genius present. He does this with the help of an ancient jungle creature who can remove a person’s talent from his brain. The talent appears in the form of a shiny globe. As the only attendee without any special abilities, Adam can safely track down the creature and the stolen talents – or so Adam thinks.

The fact is, Adam has two talents that this monstrous animal cannot take: a well-formed conscience and a pure heart. Adam’s sense of justice compels him to hunt down Fortescue and his minion. Adam is determined to retrieve the stolen talent globes and restore them to their rightful owners. Adam’s habit of focusing on the people around him, instead of himself, enables him to risk his life for those who have not earned his trust or loyalty. Adam’s nobleness awakens the dulled consciences of Cressida and their two friends, Saul and Amy. For preteens who love action adventures, and parents who prefer heroes with character, Alex Williams has the answer in this suspenseful novel.

Jennifer Minicus lives in Ridgewood, NJ with her family.  Her love for the formation of young people inspired her interest in children’s literature.

Jennifer Minicus

Jennifer Minicus lives in New Jersey with her husband and son. A former French, Latin and mathematics teacher, Jennifer currently enjoys the responsibilities of a "domestic engineer", particularly making...