Is it just me or do people seem to be more optimistic and excited for the start of 2012 than any previous New Year lately? Friends on Facebook, Twitter, on blogs and in person all seem to be reveling in this new year; certainly more than I ever heard anyone get excited for 2011.

Each New Year is an opportunity to make goals or resolutions. It is a chance to start again, even if I think each day is a chance to begin again, many are enthusiastic for this clean slate, 366 days of possibility. Anything can happen, life is wide open, possibilities are endless.

For many 2011 was a difficult year. One of struggling finances and difficult professional situations. Equally I know many people who lost loved one, often earlier than expected, over the past year. 2011 was a struggle, so 2012 is a beacon of hope to many.

I don’t like making resolutions. I think they are over too quickly, often quicker than a celebrity marriage, but goals are something I like to set. Here are a few of my goals for the year ahead. What are yours?

  • Run another half marathon and/or full marathon and better my current time.
  • Publish my second young adult novel online. (I am done with the first draft and now working through the editing stages.)
  • Write, legit, old-school letters to friends – instead of the quick and often thoughtless emails or text messages.
  • Continue blogging and writing in the fashion industry with the message of each women’s true worth and how clothing expresses that.
  • Grow Tiger Print to cover more young professional topics and bring on some contributors! (if you want to write email me!)
  • Learn to sew.
  • Spread more good articles to family and friends via Twitter and Facebook. (We need more positivity in the world.) 
  • Organize more fashion events in the city in order to bring more bloggers and fashion-minded people together.
  • Give of my time to those less fortunate at least once a month.

Katie Hinderer

Katie Hinderer is a freelance writer and social media enthusiast. She holds a degree in Journalism from Marquette University. Over the years she has transitioned from traditional publishing...