Toby Lolness is one and a half millimetres tall and on the run. His father, a brilliant scientist, has made a discovery that threatens the evil plans of Joe Mitch. Toby must now stay free in order to save his parents, his people and the tree which is their world.

A satisfyingly original story, told partly in flashbacks, Toby Alone combines an addictive and fast paced adventure with learning, as the world of the Tree subtly mirrors our own. The author successfully weaves politics, love, family and a deep knowledge of the human condition into the character driven plot. Each character, from Toby’s father Sim Lolness to the potentially tyrannical Leo Blue, has a background and a well developed personality that is essential to the progression of the narrative. The result is a cast of characters who are in no way stereotypical; characters that each have the ability to teach the readers something about the way human beings tick.

Toby Alone, in this reader’s opinion, has a little something in it for everybody. I would recommend it for teenagers as well.

Maryana Garcia is the eldest of four sisters. A university student at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, she plans to major in History and is currently an employee at the Mount Albert Community Library.