On October 6, I listened to Melissa Block on NPR report that “Courts have blocked a number of the anti-LGBTQ laws from going into effect” and, as usual with NPR’s reporting on this issue, my blood began to boil. From start to finish, the gender ideology movement turns language upside down and NPR, amongst many others, including journalists, is fully participating in the lies to support the trans movement’s agenda. In order to win and save our children, we must retake language.

I will start.

These “anti-LGBTQ” laws discussed in Block’s broadcast are not laws enacted to be “anti” anyone or their “rights” as these LGBTQWTF fanatics insist—but to protect children like ours. These laws, which are a good start, are more accurately described as “anti-Radical Gender Theory.” And, let’s be clear, the RGT agenda is evil. If you still think that the RGT or LGBTQ Agenda™ has anything to do with Gay Rights, please put that out of your mind right now. This is the first place where words are corrupted.

Many of the people behind this movement are not even gay, but fetishist hetero men or women and men who suffer from personality disorders. The T is really just a cover for radical gender theory, a movement that many LGBs reject. It doesn’t even protect homosexual boys and men. Andrew Sullivan rejected it years ago when he said that trans threatens gay people young and old. Why does NPR not interview the LGB Alliance? They lost the T, so should we.

Or, why doesn’t NPR interview Gays Against Groomers? That was rhetorical because I know why—these groups get silenced, not featured. The media is one of the many institutions which have been co-opted and corrupted by this nefarious movement.

The NPR interviewer, Melissa Block, begins: “This week Oklahoma became the latest state to enact a law that targets gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth.” Doesn’t that sound so cruel—to “target” something wholesome like “medical care”? Doesn’t “gender-affirming” sound lovely and positive? But, this movement more closely resembles the social contagion that was the Salem Witch Trials, in the manner in which it has swept our society, as well as the degree to which those who promote it insist they are on the side of good—even as vulnerable children are harmed.

Ann Miller with the LGBTQ Agenda™ advocacy group PFLAG (a group founded to support lesbians and gays) lamented that outlawing sterilizing drugs and operations on children “puts a terrible pressure on both the family and, honestly, our most vulnerable population, which is transgender youth.”

Ann, you’re lying. You’ve got it upside-down. Families are under terrible pressure from the LGBTQ Agenda™. Ask parents here. Read our testimonials.

There is no such thing as “transgender youth.” They do not exist. No more than unicorns. We must stop this myth perpetuated in the media about “trans youth.” These are confused boys and girls. But these children are indeed our most vulnerable population, that is true. They are vulnerable to groomers and butchers. They are vulnerable to you. This is precisely why we must protect them. They cannot possibly make decisions about their future fertility and happiness.

It is a crime against humanity to take that away from their future selves. Really, it is a Nuremberg level crime.

We need to ask more questions, since the “journalists” do not:

When did the ACLU fail us? In the NPR interview Gillian Branstetter, an MtF “formerly of the National Women’s Law Center” now at the American Civil Liberties Union, “which has challenged many of those laws in court” says the results are encouraging, that “judges have really read these bills for filth. They are openly discriminatory.” When did the ACLU decide to go big on child mutilation?

When did groups designed to help gay youth like the Trevor Project turn full-on groomer?

Where is this “science”? Sasha Buchert (MtF) at Lambda Legal says in the NPR interview that s/he’s “heartened by judges who’ve considered these cases and have sided with science rather than stigma.”

These people are good with their snappy slogans. As PITT readers know, outside of the US “transgender science” is collapsing in lawsuits and health-ministry retreats.

When did our teachers/schools/teacher unions forget that alienating children from their parents is bad, not good? That it’s what groomers do? See: “What is Child Grooming? How Can Parents Protect Their Kids?” How do they not understand tha

t this is much like Maoist brainwashing? Are they not aware of cognitive dissonance theory? See: Steven Hassan’s BITE model dissertation on cult techniques.

Listen to the NPR interview. Listen to the MtFs. The ex-Marine especially. Yeah, listen to “her” voice. NPR is participating in the delusion of men wearing “woman face.” As a first step, journalists like Melissa Block should simply stop lying. Stop participating in the twisting of language. “She”? No. “He.” A wig, long hair, a dress—these do not a woman make.

This movement must be stopped. And, the first step is to take back language.

This article first appeared on the blog of Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT) and has been republished with permission.

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