The Dark Knight Rises proved to be a suitably emotional end to the most successful franchise reboot in cinema history and is now part of a whole sub-genre of movies keen to get in on the act. Here are my top five Hollywood reboots. What are yours? 

1. Batman Begins (2005) – The quintessential origin story and my favourite character from the comic-book universe. Christopher Nolan gave us a superhero movie that felt real and in taking us back to basics with Bruce Wayne, using Frank Miller’s graphic novels as his source material, made Batman relatable and restored some credibility to the franchise after the Batman and Robin fiasco.

2. Casino Royale (2006) – The Daniel Craig fronted Bond re-launch was a phenomenal success and gave us Bond’s origin story and a new era of Bond movies with a style all of its own, bringing Bond bang up to date.

3. Spider Man (2002) – Sam Raimi did justice to fan expectation when he adapted Marvel’s most popular superhero to the big screen, making Tobey Maguire a household name and becoming one of the first of the comic book movies to really make their mark in the noughties.

4. Rise of the Planet the Apes (2011) – I had absolutely no expectations going into this whatsoever, not being a fan of the franchise. This was definitely my sleeper hit of last summer and the only film since the iconic Charlton Heston version in 1968 to get the critics talking for the right reasons. The less said about Tim Burton’s 2001 version the better I think.

5. Star Trek (2009) – Another franchise I had no interest in at all, J.J. Abrams made Star Trek accessible to those without an internet-certified qualification in Klingon and gave us a more down to earth take on the classic sci-fi series. 

Ronan Wright is a graduate in Film Studies from The Queen’s University of Belfast. As well as contributing to MercatorNet as a film critic since March 2011 he has run Filmplicity, a Belfast-based film...