There is a lot to love about the clothing trends out right now. And this sunny weather we are FINALLY seeing has me wanting to try them all. Here’s what I love right now.

Favorite Fashion Trends - May 2012


  1. Great Gatsby Era Clothing – The movie is up and coming. The feminine fashion is oh so wonderful in all it’s flirty classic glory. I’m starting to see strings of pearls in store windows.
  2. Maxi-skirts – I’ve loved the maxi-dresses for a long time and now that the skirts are in full swing, literally, it is great! They come in so many colors, patterns and material types. I’m really in love with the bright colored orange skirts I’ve seen in several store windows on Newbury.
  3. Vintage Inspired Swimsuits – Can’t say enough about these – lovely, appropriate, modern, and fun.
  4. Bright Colored Accessories – Rings, bracelets, necklaces. They come in bold colors and attractive designs. Cobalt. Tangerine. Mint Green. Canary Yellow.
  5. Cork Wedges – I can easily say that these are my favorite style of summer shoes and they also happen to be the uber comfortable.

This article first appeared on my personal style blog, ModlyChic.

Katie Hinderer

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