Danie van Loggerenberg had his own company, he was rich but he was not happy.  He then thought of doing something unique for African children, most of whom were often in need of food and clothing.  He thought that children really should not have to worry about these, but should also play.  How about giving an African child a toy – not just any used toy, but a brand new toy of the child’s choosing.  He founded “Toys for Africa” to do just that.

“Four years ago I had a marketing company and was making a lot of cash, but I wasn’t happy. I prayed about it and felt that I needed to start working with children. I wanted to make a difference to people who cannot repay you; children appreciate everything.”

He goes to orphanages and schools and shows the children a catalogue of different toys.  After they make their choice, he goes looking for sponsors to pay for it.  The catalogue also includes basic needs such as toothbrushes.And to hand out the toys to the children – which Danie does personally, he takes along some celebrities, people he plans to “rope” in as sponsors.  

“We see toys in a broader light than most people. It needs to be anything that can assist in the mental, physical and emotional development of a child.”

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