Arguments over same-sex marriage so often take place on a superficial level, and devolve into emotional rhetoric and name-calling. For that reason, it was both surprising and refreshing to see two respectful, reasoned debates on marriage which Ryan T. Anderson participated in last week.

The first debate was between Anderson and attorney Alastair Gamble at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

Also last week was a debate at the New York University Law School. This debate drew quite a lot of attention, as Professor Judith Stacey admitted that, while she was arguing for same-sex marriage, she was also against traditional marriage altogether and open to allowing polygamous marriage and parenting.

The great thing about long debates such as these is that they allow the two sides of the argument to get a fair hearing, and make it possible for more detailed, subtle arguments to be put forward.

Blaise Joseph is a third-year commerce student at the University of New South Wales with a strong interest in social policy. Blaise is originally from Canberra, the centre of politics and the public...