Though President Obama is not going to Notre Dame at commencement to
‘dialogue’ with faculty and students about the merits of Catholic
teachings on life issues, an enormous one has broken out as a result of
the protests.

In the middle of all (okay, most) of these protests are some very
passionate debates. And it is in those debates that critical thinking
skills are applied and principles challenged and faith defended….with

Take a look at this one, all the way through the comments.

One question I’ve wondered but haven’t seen raised anywhere…..what’s
the possibility that the prompting for this event originated from the
White House? (Which does not much alter Fr. Jenkins’ role in it.)

Sheila Liaugminas

Sheila Liaugminas is an Emmy award-winning Chicago-based journalist in print and broadcast media. Her writing and broadcasting covers matters of faith, culture, politics and the media....