I’ve never really liked the idea of your kids being your friends, and now I know exactly why – thanks to a video that’s currently trending on social media. From a mum named Kristina Kuzmic, she is straight to the point (and a little sassy) about how she is first and foremost a parent – and that being your kid’s friend is only going to cause problems.

In a nutshell:

  • Sometimes your kids will be upset with you, and that’s okay
  • Loving your kids means raising good people – not that they’re always happy with you
  • Your child’s longterm wellbeing is more important than your child’s opinion of you in that moment
  • Your child being upset at you won’t last forever; however your child growing into a bratty and entitled adult is forever
  • Have a watch!

    Tamara El-Rahi is the editor of Family Edge, MercatorNet’s blog about family issues.

    Tamara El-Rahi is an associate editor of MercatorNet. A Journalism graduate from the University of Technology Sydney, she lives in Australia with her husband and two daughters.