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I doubt that any gay-identified person or political activist is seriously going to be asking themselves this question in spite of the latest study on genetic causation of homosexuality.

Research, published last week in Science, evidently a reasonably accurate study completed by many credible scientists, has concluded that the results show there is “no single gay gene.”

It also found that it is not possible to predict an individual’s same-sex behavior from genetics and that these results conclude nothing about what causes homosexuality in terms of how much nature or nurture is involved.

But don’t miss this.

The researchers and the political activists have not wasted a second of time in reporting that both genetics and emotional environment are still “likely” to play a role in causation. In other words, they are saying “we don’t really know what causes homosexual behavior, but it must be true that genes and environment make people gay.”

In short, they just don’t know. And that, folks, is what has been already assumed for around the last 20 years. See the American Psychological Association website for its statement on homosexuality.

Even though this study represents little or nothing new, there are several important factors to consider from a psychological, ethical and personal viewpoint.

Psychologically, this was a significant effort on the part of many researchers who were brave enough to be unbiased about the single foundation stone on which is built all gay philosophy, the “born that way” theory. (Predictably, gay activists are criticizing these researchers for even asking the question of causation, a typically aggressive leftist effort to thwart reason and accountability all for the sake of compassion. Thought control must be OK if it’s all for a good cause.)

From an ethical standpoint, if homosexuality is caused by emotional environmental experience — it can and does for my therapy clients who have experienced major change in their sexual feelings — then why are LGBT activists desperately trying to ban professional change therapy in every state and in many cities across the United States?

Do the math. Unwanted Homosexual Feelings caused by Childhood Trauma and Unfulfilled Needs plus Professional Therapy that Resolves these causes equals Cessation of Homosexual Feelings/Behaviors (UHF ∵ CTUN + PF + R = CH/B). This is essentially the same “equation” that therapy has given the world for many types of issues that result in real resolution.

Has anyone been paying attention to the illegal denial of free speech in 20 American states over the past seven years in which talk therapy for minors has been banned …. even for minors whose homosexual feelings have arisen because of sexual abuse?

As a national lobbyist for the National Task Force for Therapy Equality, I can tell you that is exactly what has been going on — and not even Fox News is doing any reporting on it.

Even the large and liberal APA clearly states in its 2014 handbook on sexuality that sexual feelings sometimes change. So why are these people robbing your children — adults are next — of their simple right to be who they truly are? And why is this research study important? The answer to both questions is that everyone has the right to be the person they believe themselves to be, and no one has the right to force their philosophy, political beliefs, or faith onto anyone else.

This new study will make it a bit harder to force the gay agenda onto everyone in the world, and it will make it a bit harder for gay activists to demean and bully people with whom they do not agree.

Virulent bigotry is easy to see. A real bigot, whether intentional or not, will not allow any other view to be discussed on any issue unless the other person is vilified and demeaned, regardless of the evidence. A true discourse of opposite viewpoints will not be allowed.

But there is something deeper in the minds of gay activists (not all gay people) that, in my opinion, is relevant.

It is very hard to listen to other viewpoints when your identity is only and forever based on your own definition of identity. We feel threatened when our core beliefs are challenged, even when there is significant contrary evidence. For decades now, LGBTs have been fed “born that way” theory from psychological institutions, universities, the media, LGBT political organizations, even the US Supreme Court (Justice Kennedy’s decision in Obergefell vs. Hodges).

The activists who are subverting free speech experience major cognitive dissonance when seriously challenged with evidence on homosexual non-genetic causation. Who can blame them, since for decades they have been bullied and abused for their beliefs? Yes, Americans have played a significant part in the rise of homosexuality because of this abuse in past decades.

However, LGBT activists’ philosophy and behavior take freedom too far when they displace their own rage for being bullied onto the lives of others who accept scientific and anecdotal evidence that homosexuality is not inborn and is not immutable. No one is saying one cannot be gay. I would never express to any client in my practice that they don’t have that right.

But LGBT activists are attempting to force people into gay ideology who have unwanted same-sex attraction. Do these activists have the legal or moral right to impose their beliefs onto children, adolescents and adults? Methinks they threaten too much.

David Pickup is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. His website is

David Pickup, MA, LMFT-S is a Licensed Psychotherapist, and he conducts a private practice in Dallas, Texas. His primary work is with men and boys who undergo Reintegrative Therapy for unwanted same-sex...