More interesting articles I’ve stumbled upon in the last week or so. Spot an article you think would be of interest to the readers of Tiger Print? Send it my way! (


Favorite of the week…

The bride wore biug spray: The Wall Street Journal

As someone who is obsessed with summer camps, and still attending them faithfully summer after summer, this was the most unique idea I’ve heard of for a wedding and reception in a long time. Rent out a camp site and treat your guests to a weekend of camp songs and madlibs – why not??


Kids quit the team for more family time
: The Wall Street Journal

It’s about time families realized that all those sports and activities, while good for the kids, can also be detrimental to family time. 


Couple aims for a trash-free life: USA Today

Everything they threw out for an entire year fit in a small shoe box. Amazing when the average person creates about 4 pounds of trash a day. 


How social media drives new business, six case studies: TechCrunch


How to upgrade an old phone into a Porsche: Yahoo Finance

Now this takes dedication and two years of trades on Craigslist!


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