Harry, a dog that hates bathing, has a simple yet effective formula for success.

If you have ever struggled with a child that hates baths, a common childhood trait, then you will relate to the plot of this story!

Husband and wife team Gene Zion and Margaret Bloy Graham were best known for the Harry the Dirty Dog series which also includes Harry by the Sea, No Roses for Harry and Harry and the Lady Next Door.

Harry the Dirty Dog has frequently featured in books that help children’s literacy needs due to its simple language, repetition and the appealing character of a playful family dog.

Harry is a white dog with black spots. He’s a fairly happy chap but there is one thing he does not like, that is having a bath. So he buries the scrubbing brush in the back yard then runs away.

He has all sorts of adventures getting dirty by railways and road works, and even plays in some coal until he is unrecognizable. He tries to get his family to recognize him, but all else fails until he thinks of the one thing that will work….read on to find out what that is!

Jane Fagan is a children’s librarian with a B.A. (University of Melbourne) and a Grad. Dip Library and Info Studies (Melbourne).