Suzie K’s rather pushy mother hears the school sports day is on and has BIG ambitions for Suzie.
However, there is a problem.
Suzie K hasn’t experienced much success with any sports. She is not sure which sport she wants to participate in. She wants to please her mum, but how? If only there wasn’t so much pressure to be competitive in sports…

When the teacher demands that everyone MUST be in an event OR ELSE, Suzie K surprises everyone by her choice of sports event.
I enjoyed the humorous anecdotes about the often petty politics that go on in many amateur school based team sports such as netball.  The character of Suzie K is self-reliant and demonstrates how children can be their own problem-solvers in an amusing and easy reader comic format.

Jane Fagan is a former children’s librarian with a B.A (University of Melbourne) and a Grad. Dip. Library and Info Studies (Melbourne). She is currently a full-time wife and mother of two.