We need to rethink the idea of ‘dying with dignity’

Dr Ole Hartling is a Danish nuclear medicine specialist. For five years he was the chair of Denmark’s Council of Ethics. Recently he wrote a book (in Danish and English) on euthanasia, “Euthanasia and the Ethics of a Doctor’s Decisions”. MercatorNet asked him to comment on the autonomy argument for ”assisted dying”. If I could […]

Two cheers for the Melbourne Queer Film Festival

The Melbourne Queer Film Festival (MQFF), I suspect, is not an event to which many MercatorNet readers have rushed to secure tickets. This fixture on the LGBT-etc calendar, squeezed in between Carols by Queerlight (self-explanatory) and Southern HiBearnation (no, Google that one yourself) offers attendees two weeks of cinematic merry-making, or so I’d been led […]

Hello world, Omicron hasn’t made Africa more dangerous!

Early last week, South African scientists announced their discovery of a dramatically mutated variant of the virus that causes Covid-19. By the end of the week, the World Health Organization had designated it as a variant of concern and christened it Omicron, the latest stop on the virus’s march through the Greek alphabet. Countries around […]

Lawfare upsets Belgium’s euthanasia applecart

Euthanasia has become normalised in Belgium. Accounting to official figures, about 1 death in 50 is due to euthanasia – and a large proportion are not officially reported. Despite the steady increase in the number of euthanasia deaths – or perhaps because of it — the picture conveyed by the media and by the Belgian […]