The race rhetoric that causes more harm than harmony

George Floyd’s cruel murder is sparking much-needed conversations about justice and racial harmony in America and beyond. The ripple effect has already reached us Down Under, with protests planned for Australian capital cities this weekend. Yesterday I spoke with a friend who has ministered among indigenous Australians for decades. He told me that in some […]

For as long as our love shall last: How the soulmate myth makes marriage less stable and less happy

When you are confident that your marriage will endure, you are more likely to behave in ways that do not always benefit yourself immediately but enhance the long-term quality of the relationship. That is, you are more likely to approach your marriage in a spirit of generosity and, in so doing, maximize the long-term happiness of your spouse.

The sky’s the limit for commercial space flight

On Saturday, May 30, American astronauts flew into orbit on an American-made space vehicle for the first time since 2011. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket carried Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, both veterans of the old Space Shuttle program, inside the Dragon capsule, and once the capsule separated safely, the first stage returned automatically to earth […]

Let’s take a closer look at #BlackLivesMatter

Not only are more whites killed by police every year than blacks, but, most shootings of black offenders are done by black officers, not white officers. The cases the media constantly highlight – such as unarmed black men being shot or choked – are relatively rare and, thanks to improved training, decreasing.