Wannabee Genghis Khans in modern medical practice

A controversial genetic study published in 2003 suggested that one in every 200 men alive today is a descendant of Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan. In central Asia, this figure rises to one in 12 — or about 16 million men. Impossible today? Not so fast. There were 20th century superspreaders, to borrow from the jargon […]

Oafishness, social class, and Presidential politics

There is a lot to dislike about the US President. Mr Trump is a sneerer, mocker, boaster, and person of bad character. But Mr Obama (like his vice-president) was also a sneerer, mocker, boaster, and person of bad character. Why is the reaction to them so different? The political classes adored Obama and treated him […]

Migrant workers have been hit hard by Covid-19

Global remittances are projected to decline by about 20 percent in 2020.  According to the World Bank Group President David Malpass:

Remittances are a vital source of income for developing countries. The ongoing economic recession caused by COVID-19 is taking a severe toll on the ability to send money home and makes it all the more vital that we shorten the time to recovery for advanced economies.  Remittances help families afford food, healthcare, and basic needs.”