And the inaugural Montgolfier Award for Sustained Stratospheric Virtue Signalling goes to…

MercatorNet is proud to launch our inaugural Montgolfier Award for Sustained Hot Air, presented to the year’s outstanding virtue signaller. The award is named after 18th century French hot air balloonists Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier, better known as the Montgolfier brothers, who achieved made their first demonstration of flight on June 4, 1783. Several months […]

The tragic real-life story behind ‘Jesus Revolution’

As is so often the case, truth is stranger—and much more interesting—than fiction. Take, for example, the box office hit, Jesus Revolution, which is currently playing in cinemas. Rarely do you find a Christian movie which is a well-made while and also reflects modern-day evangelical Christian beliefs. The film’s title is taken from a 1971 […]

Origami still wows

If you have never been mind-boggled by origami, follow this link to several artistic masterpieces, all made from a single piece of folded paper. If you are still not impressed, consider that this centuries-old Japanese craft has been revolutionized to produce everything from medical stents to space telescopes to airbags to easy-to-ship disaster shelters. Recreational […]

man in blue and brown plaid dress shirt touching his hair

Yes, climate change is making people depressed and angry – but not for the reasons you might think

The American Geophysical Union (AGU), founded in 1919, is possibly the world’s premier association of earth scientists, and numbers among its members many leading climate experts. I had the privilege of attending its annual Fall Meeting last December, held in Chicago, and I have never seen such a large concentration of scientific expertise in one […]