The dark clouds over America’s looming election

With another US presidential election looming what can one say? Especially in MercatorNet? How does DeSantis stand in Iowa? Might Kamala Harris run if Biden steps (or falls) down? Will the Hispanic vote continue to drift Republican? Are these things we should be spending our time on? No, really. I ask partly because my editor […]

Eroding the 68 safeguards: making euthanasia in Victoria even easier

Voluntary assisted dying in the Australian state of Victoria was legalised in 2017 and the first legal euthanasia took place on July 15, 2019. The legislation had succeeded despite bitter opposition. Perhaps MPs believed assurances from the Andrews government that its proposal was the safest and most conservative assisted dying legislation in the world. It […]

Blind guides 鈥榩ersonguiding鈥 鈥 to where?

It has been reported in the UK — appropriately enough on Mother鈥檚 Day — that the youth organisation Girlguiding UK has published an inclusive language guide which calls for words such as mother and father to be discarded to help make girlguiding 鈥渕odern and relevant鈥.   Guide leaders are supposed to use 鈥減arents and carers鈥 […]

ChatGPT as judge and jury in our justice system?

Historians of technology are familiar with the problem of technological advances that outstrip the legal system, leading to situations that are clearly unfair, but leave some people with no legal recourse. In a recent article in The Dispatch, artificial intelligence (AI) expert Matthew Mittelstaedt calls for a case-by-case approach to the problem of AI advancing […]