What Harvard is really like

Harvard is often seen as the archetypal American university, offering a model that many others seek to emulate. So, as a new school year and new application season begin, it seems fitting to ask: what is this storied institution really like anyway? Is it home to heroes or heretics? Maker of gods… or the godless? […]

Death, and what comes after

The Christian faith gets very little mainstream air time these days, and when it does it is usually as a sideshow to a controversy over issues like sexism or historical racism. Not so on Monday, when a global audience for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service was treated to an hour-long exposure to Christian beliefs about […]

Why are Catholic doctors blocking reproductive rights?

“Wherever you live, whether your state is for now red or blue, there’s another growing obstacle to abortion access and comprehensive gynecological services. It’s the Catholic Church,” according to the online magazine Salon. In the surging public relations campaign against Dobbs v Jackson, a major theme is Catholic doctors’ opposition to abortion. You have to […]

Jewish couple

One Jewish group is growing in a secular age. What is its secret?

Across America, young men and women are abandoning religious faith in droves — and Judaism is no exception. More Jewish adults than ever classify themselves as religious “nones.” In fact, according to the latest Pew survey on American Jews, fully 40% of Jews under the age of 40 describe “themselves as atheist, agnostic or ‘nothing […]