Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation impacts us all

Tasmania, Australia’s smallest state, like many other jurisdictions, is currently considering legalising voluntary assisted dying (VAD). It is of great concern that legislators are seeking to incorporate this into palliative and medical care. Voluntary assisted dying sounds like a description of what should be occurring in normal medical practice: clinicians recognising those who are dying […]

Big Tech doesn’t censor conservatives and other myths

For several years, I’ve been highlighting Big Tech bias when I encounter it, knowing that my ability to do so online may not last forever. I’ve received a lot of pushback to this. The many examples I’ve provided were algorithmic anomalies, I was told—and I may in fact be suffering from a victimhood complex. So […]

Retiring Scottish politician links IVF with euthanasia

Perhaps we should update that proverbial expression for brutal honesty, “out of the mouths of babes and sucklings”, to include “and retiring politicians”. After ten years in the Scottish Parliament, Conservative leader Ruth Davidson is moving to the British House of Lords as a Life Peer. She used the occasion to write an op-ed for […]