What Harvard is really like

Harvard is often seen as the archetypal American university, offering a model that many others seek to emulate. So, as a new school year and new application season begin, it seems fitting to ask: what is this storied institution really like anyway? Is it home to heroes or heretics? Maker of gods… or the godless? […]

online debates

7 ways to improve your online debates

We’ve all been there. You post something online that you find interesting, perhaps an article you came across or a new idea you had. Someone responds in the comments section, and before you know it you’re neck deep in a good old-fashioned comment war. Straw men are mercilessly burned at the stake, ad hominems are […]


The metaverse: is Nowhere going somewhere?

Back in August, I blogged on the reportedly poor aesthetics of Meta‘s metaverse, the enterprise that Mark Zuckerberg has poured billions into.  Unlike most of my blogs, it attracted the attention of several people, including one Katie Rosin, who works as a publicist for an alternative metaverse company called Nowhere.  She offered me a chance […]

Death, and what comes after

The Christian faith gets very little mainstream air time these days, and when it does it is usually as a sideshow to a controversy over issues like sexism or historical racism. Not so on Monday, when a global audience for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral service was treated to an hour-long exposure to Christian beliefs about […]