Don’t let women speak, especially not Moira Deeming

I’ve met Moira Deeming. She’s a housewife, a mother, a former teacher, and a Christian. The idea that she somehow has dark ties to neo-Nazis is so hilarious that I can’t even take it seriously. But that is the story Victorian opposition leader John Pesutto has decided to run with in his bid to expel […]

‘The Ministry of Inclusion has decreed that these books must be excluded’

In the last month, three news stories out of Britain have seized the attention of book lovers. First, with the approval of the Roald Dahl Story Company, holder of the rights to the late author’s works, the publisher Puffin Books (a Penguin Random House imprint) announced that Dahl’s celebrated children’s books would henceforth be published […]

Australia has a problem with neo-fascists because it has a problem with liberals

What’s happening Down Under? Across the country there have been confrontations between LGBT advocates and traditionalist groups. First, there was an unedifying spectacle outside the Victorian Parliament on Saturday. A women’s rights gathering, led by diminutive Briton Kellie-Jay Keen, was met by trans activists and then hijacked by 30 or so Nazi-saluting neo-Nazis from the […]