The Balenciaga scandal: under the hood of the woke machine

The fashion industry is hardly known for its respect for children and decency but the recent Balenciaga saga takes it to a new level. For those unfamiliar with the Spanish-founded, now French, fashion house responsible for T-shirts that will set you back a tidy A$895 and high-heel Crocs (for about the same price), Balenciaga is […]

Is wokeism a religion for the Left?

One way of gauging the power and impact of a social movement is to observe the sort of popular reaction it evokes, whether among its followers or its detractors. If we use this as the measure of impact, then there is no denying that the “woke” movement has made a real impact across much of […]

How the West betrayed Syria

“Assad, or we burn the country,” Syrian government loyalists chanted in 2011. It was a statement of intent that proved to be prophetic. In early 2011, the Arab Spring tore through Tunisia, then Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, and Jordan. Syria stood at the precipice as people rose up against the dictatorship of President Bashar […]

transgender ideology

Parents of trans youth: the silence is killing us

I was born into an activist family. I am not afraid of standing up for my views and being in the minority. For many years, I have fought for LGBTQIA rights and been dismissed or attacked for it but I have always openly fought for what I believe in. Until now… I find myself in […]