The Monkeypox pix reveal Western media’s double standards

There’s an outbreak of monkeypox, a simian relative of smallpox, in western Europe, North America, and Australia. There’s no monkeypox outbreak in Africa. Yet, if all you had to go by were the images initially used to illustrate news articles about the outbreak in the mainstream corporate press, you’d be excused to think that Africa […]

After Uvalde, is gun control the answer?

You would have to be insane not to want some form of gun control after ten days in which ten people were gunned down in Buffalo, a church service attacked in San Francisco with one death, and 19 nine and ten-year-olds and two teachers massacred in Uvalde, Texas. America’s first school killing dates back to […]

The sacking of Bernie Finn: a case study in cultural change

The Victorian Liberals have expelled an outspoken anti-abortion MP. Followers of Victorian politics have probably heard of Bernie Finn. Finn, a sexagenarian Liberal stalwart who was until recently the party’s sole representative in the staunchly Labor (ALP) areas of western Melbourne, has long made waves. With his admiration for President Trump, rejection of Covid vaccine […]

Downton Abbey movie pokes fun at “movie people” as Johnny Depp trial reveals their secrets

The running joke throughout Downton Abbey: A New Era revolves around the horror the residents feel about “movie people” stomping about the grounds, putting their grubby Hollywood hands on everything. At the start of the movie, Lord Grantham (a newly thin Hugh Bonneville) and company get an offer to let a London film company, Lion […]