Technology, demography, and destiny

The Human Tide: How Population Shaped the Modern Worldby Paul Morland, John Murray Publishers, 2019352 pp Most people, including most engineers, suspect there is some relationship between the advances in transportation, communications, sanitation, and health care brought about by modern science-based engineering on the one hand, and the tremendous and rapid growth in world population […]

To survive turbulent times, we need to arm ourselves with truth

In his great study of religion and its place in our world, Joseph Ratzinger, a decade or so before he became Pope Benedict XVI, wrote of our failure to understand the differences both between and within the universal human phenomenon of religions. That book, a City of God for the modern world, is Truth and Tolerance. In it […]

A Thanksgiving present for American believers

Around the world, governments have ordered places of worship to be closed to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. But often they have permitted crowding at sporting events, liquor stores, or supermarkets. Religious leaders have objected, but governors, notably Governor Andrew Cuomo, of New York, have paid little attention. “The pandemic,” US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito […]